the Long of it ........

unintended consequences and other musings

About Lee

lee            Leland ‘Lee’ Long

  • Grandfather, Father, Son, Husband, friend of many
  • Retired with a career in Computer Information Technology; global experience
  • Follower of Jesus Christ
  • Medical Miracle – survived Heart Surgery, Kidney Dialysis/Transplant and Hep C
  • Graduate Electrical Engineer (Michigan Technological University) with Masters in Business Admin (Colorado State University)
  • Volunteer Maintenance Engineer and Niña hugger for an orphanage in Sonoyta, Sonora, Mexico
  • Supporter of a community development organization (1Mission) that gives people living in poverty the opportunity to earn a house by serving in their community
  • One of only three people that watch CSPAN
  • Prolific Reader, everything except Science Fiction and Romance
  • Curious about unintended consequences of everyday decisions and the stories they produce
  • Lives in Phoenix, Arizona, US

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