Technology I have Worked On

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Started collecting a pictorial of various Computer IT equipment I have worked on since the early 70’s – enjoy!

Burroughs 3500 and mag tape Burroughs total

Burroughs Model 3500 Mainframe with two types of tape drives, Teletypewriter as a console, and card readers in the back.   

BSORTER  Burroughs MICR Check reader/sorter – I maintained 12 of these 24 pocket sorters at the Federal Reserve Bank in Chicago.  Sometime the pocket knifes would slice a check down the middle, one half would go to the pocket and the other to the end of the machine where we found later during PM (Preventative Maintenance).




300px-Ibm_1800_2  IBM 1800 System – Buick (Flint Michigan) used one of these for final emission control.






1442 Card Reader lg  IBM 1442 Card Reader/Punch

4305             Storage Technology 4305 Solid State Disk Drive – back before everyone else knew there was such a thing.  I was global product support for this very popular product.




43058350  Storage Technology 8350 Disk Drives, lower front of picture.





B6700  Burroughs 6700 Mainframe Computer






Selectric io   Selectric I/O,  this was an IBM Selectric typewriter that had contacts to read keystrokes and send them to a computer – it was a console for sending commands to the computer.  It had make before break contacts which were better understood after drinking.




IBM_1130_concole.msIBM 1130, I also worked on an emulator of this system called the Digital Scientific Meta 4 – still looking for picture.  The 1130 came with 4K of memory and usually used paper tape as an input device.




doc 2501 card rdr           Documation 2501 Card Reader – the best ever made, if you figured out the rollers!






300 baud modem   300 Baud Modem (Anderson Jacobsen), we installed hundreds of these in our first iteration of Remote Diagnostics for Storage Technology – customer would call us on the phone, they would put handset into the modem upon hearing the ‘squeal’ and then we would remotely diagnose the computer product.


stc tape                                 Storage Technology Tape drive, my first account at Western Electric in Warrenville, Illinois had 64 of these.   These would autoload a reel of tape.







IBM1403    IBM 1403 Printer, the best line printer ever made.






burroughs 1c                     Burroughs 1C Disk Drive, you could actually hear the heads load on this drive – disks were positioned vertically and were about 30″ in diameter.  Changing heads were an all day job and required attaching an air cleaner to it to constantly purge air while you had it unsealed.





photo (1)Following Hurricane Sandy, I was responsible for building an emergency computer and network room in two 45′ trailers on the streets/sidewalk of NYC next to NYU Hospital.  Had it up and running in 30 days!  Included EMC Disk, multiple servers and communications equipment – a second trailer had all telecom equipment in it. 




Digital Scientific Corp

1130 System – Emulator, Documation 2501 card Reader and Documation ChainTrainPrinter, IBM 1442 Card Punch, Pertec Tape Disk Drives, Calcomp Plotter, Paper Tape Punch/Reader,


Large Projects:

STK, Shared Services Center, Atlanta

STK, Remote Diagnostics Center

STK, Centralized Dispatch Center

NYU, Data Center relocation and virtualization

NYU, Hurricane Sandy Emergency Computer Room