Real People get vetted

Hillary people meeting

Hillary Clinton, now running on a platform of being a champion for the ‘real people’, meets with a few of these in Iowa to gain insights.  Turns out that these ‘real’ people were not all that random.   They were all vetted for over an hour and driven to the engagement – one real person was a known democrat that was Joe Biden’s driver on one of his trips to Iowa.  Politics these days is a series of events that are highly staged, a fact that should not surprise anyone with any power of observation.   I saw one interview of a democrat spokesperson in Iowa yesterday, the backdrop was a huge silo in the middle of a Iowa corn field – think this was just by accident?   Obama’s speeches always have a staged, selected group of supporters behind him who look like they agree with everything he says – more ‘real’ people.   Some of us may wonder how this fools anyone; it easily fools millions of people who only see the ~30 second snippets reported by network/web news.

Hubert Humphrey, when running for president, often asked people what religious group they were – he would then reply that he shared the same religion!  Staff confronted him on this and he simply replied’ I tell them what they want to hear’.

Do we really think that a politician that doesn’t drive, buy groceries, balance the checkbook, fly coach, cook/wash the dishes, pump gas, and cut coupons understand us ‘real’ people?   Get REAL…..