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the Debate from……Las Vegas

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Fact checking the debate:
1. The prisons are not full of people who smoke pot and got arrested!
2. The Republicans are not trying to shut down Planned Parenthood, simply redirecting 500M$ of tax funding to other health providers. PP has assets of 1.4B$ and a profit of 125M$ a year, they will survive….
3. Gun businesses are liable for their actions; a Wisconsin gun store was found liable the same day as the debate….

4. Hillary said health and drug companies are her enemies; latest fundraising report shows 350K$ from these vicious groups – I need some enemies like this.


Lots of old people with years of government service – looks like what the Democrats would say a Republican debate would look like….

Is this all the Democrats have to offer to run the USA?  No fresh ideas – old, white, liberal….

9 million people less watched the Democrat debate versus the last Republican debate – why is this?  Could it be that the positions are well known – nothing new here?  Was streamed more – probably due to number of young people attending?

ISIS and Obamacare not in the questions – why not?

Different tactics by moderator on CNN versus Republican debate;  did not set candidate against other debaters like on the Republican debate.

What were the major difference between these candidates?  A bit on Gun Control, no-fly zone….any more?

‘Enough of the Damn Emails’ shout by Sanders; was he aware that the Damn FBI is investigating this?

Clinton explained that all of her major policy changes  (Gay Marriage, Immigrates getting Licenses/Benefits, Trade Deal, Keystone Pipeline) are due to natural changes in views – why is every change left of her previous position?

Open discussion of Socialism shocked me, Democrats have never before openly told the American people how much they want to expand government control over our lives.

Hillary need to tell us she was a Woman…shocked again that she needed to tell us….

Free college admission of Public Universities; Unintended consequences are lurking – what will private universities do?  How do students pay for 9800$ per year in room/board not covered by plan? What will previous students do with their existing debt – not pay it?




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