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Only 10$ or 10%?

When negotiating, always consider the add-ons in percentage versus in actual dollars.    Let me give you an example; 2015 Chevy Cruze LS, Leasing for 99$/month for two years.  Heavily advertised WIFI option is only 10$/month (200MB) -20$(1 GB) – I can hear you now, only 10$ – 20$……

So, you just add that option and the price of your car went up 10%-20%!   Would you have agreed to the option if it was worded this way?

Lexus RX350 base price is $40K, Navigation is 4K$.  Just increased your purchase price by 10%  Worth it?


There is a reason car manufacturers/home builders, etc are heavily marketing add-ons – they generate a lot of additional income at high margins.

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