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WSJ 09292015

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WSJ 09292015

Some hospitals are trying to remove the pain from needle sticks;  topical pain medicine, a buzzing bee to distract and hand illuminated vein finders.

It used to be true that raising clothes washer water temperature 18 deg F would double the cleaning -due to advances in detergent this is no longer true.  60-75 degree water temp seems to be the best for washing – Alaska and the Upper Peninsula of Michigan often have water at 40 deg and will need a newer machine that adds warm water.  Since most water heaters are set at 120 deg, a washing machine set on the hot setting cannot sanitize clothes – Chlorine bleach is the only way you can do this.

College football games are getting longer – 18 games are projected to be over four hours this year.

Recent Grads Doubt worth of Degree; 66% graduate with a debt of $35,000 – of these students only 33% agreed that the education was worth the debt.

Opinion Page:

The recent government rating of colleges left out the well known liberal arts Hillsdale College (Michigan).  The reason is murky but seems to be related to the fact that the college does not take federal funds and therefore does not report race numbers as required when receiving these tax dollars.  Lee…so it seems that the government is only rating colleges that are dependent upon tax dollars – are we all seeing this expansion of government power? 

Black Lives don’t matter when it comes to schools – minority students are often forced into the worst schools and kept from much more successful charter schools.  The liberal mayor of NYC, Bill de Blasio is a ‘good’ example of this.  Lee…Maybe it is time some communities close some local schools instead of burning local businesses. 

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