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Science of Tree Count is NOT Settled

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WSJ 09/03/2015 Estimate of Global Tree Count Soars

A new ‘better’ study of worldwide tree count has just been completed.  It seems like the new count has upped the estimate of trees from 400 billion to 3.04 Trillion! There are now 422 trees per person in the world.   Previous research was done by satellite imagery and was fraught with error.  These same ‘scientists’ estimate that the number of trees has fallen by 46% (not approx. 40%-50% btw) since the beginning of civilization.  This is more of the settled science that we keep getting reminded about.  I often note that when I am viewing before and after landscape pictures of 50 – 100 years ago that the tree density almost always increases with the passage of time.  Have you ever visited a place where you have not been in 20-30 years? – it is often difficult to recognize because of the increased tree cover.  But be warned, these are observations from an engineer, not a scientist who really know this stuff.  Settled!

addendum:   Suggest you read….Colorado, 1870-2000: John Fielder

A Historical Colorado Landscape photographic book that compares pictures taken a minimum of 100 years ago to the current view taken from what is believed to be the same spot.  Note the difference in the number of trees. Regardless of what the environmentalists tell you about people destroying all the trees – the increase in the number of trees over 100 years is remarkable on almost every photo.

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