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Hate Laws, What added Punishment do they Bring?

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In the immediate aftermath of the Charleston church killings, the Justice department has quickly announced an investigation into the killings with an intention to file federal ‘hate law’ violations.  Hate laws require the crime to be motivated upon hatred towards a specific social group – in this case, a witness seems to support this by repeating things he said while conducting the killings.   Also, to be noted, South Carolina is one of the few states still without a hate crime law.

The question needs to be asked – is it really necessary to file a ‘hate crime’ charge against most defendants?   I am sure that any competent prosecutor can insure that this young man will be executed for the cold-blooded killing of 9 innocent victims.  Note that South Carolina still has the death penalty so it could be used in this case – in any case, he will spend the rest of his life in jail.  So, the question remains, what do we add to his sentence by adding the ‘hate crime’ designation to it?   My view is this is one of those ‘feel-good’ laws that add nothing to most prosecutions of crimes that already have sufficient laws on the books to use.  I am also against specific laws that increase penalties for crimes against policemen and women.   I would like to think that all lives matter equally; my Aunts murder in the late 60’s was no less a murder than any other murder of someone because they were a Jew, Black, Protestant or Atheist.  If you believe that a person so filled with hate at another person will refrain from carrying out his actions because of ‘hate laws’ on the books…….

Be very wary of a Federal Government that keeps coming into state matters and ‘helping’ out – especially before all of the investigation is complete.  At some point, some may ask why we have a local prosecutor, local police and state laws – just use the ‘corrected’ ones provided by the Justice Department which is run by a political appointee.   Come with me to visit Mexico if you want to see this in action……

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