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Where is the Science?

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A He is now a She – or on a more personal level, Bruce is now a Caitlyn. Everyone in the media is telling me this great news that she is a ‘transitioned’ person and that this is important to all of us.  I find it interesting that there seems to be no science in the ‘transition’.  Is He really a She now?   Or is He just look like a She?  Are these the same ones that remind me that there is no science behind my belief in a creator that is implied in the intelligent design of humans, space and animals?  So belief is accepted in the people who now claim to have changed genders but not in spiritual matters?  I think I understand……

I listened to the NPR interview on the creating of the Vogue article that most of the media is using as a lead in to this story –  was especially telling when the Editor explained why they chose the writer they did:

“Buzz has a fascination with clothing — I didn’t realize, actually, that Buzz has had experiences with cross-dressing himself. That came as news to me and I only read it when I read the manuscript he turned in. But Buzz is very much an old-school type of journalist, and I wanted somebody who would be willing to spend a lot of time, and who would understand this. And he’s a wonderful writer on top of that — and a very empathetic writer.”

So a writer was chosen who is a supporter of transgenderism and who can be completely objective…..yes.

My question will be when He or She checks into a hospital with a health issue, what will the science-based Doctors consider Her to be? This is what She really is, no matter how beautiful the clothes and photo-shopped pictures.  But we are not talking about science here, are we?

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