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No Parking for the Disabled

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wheelchair  Arizona Republic ran an article about the new disability signs; icon now shows a more ‘active’ wheelchair symbol.  Interesting statistics in this article caught my attention;  there is now 600,000 vehicles with disability status in the state – out of 4.2 million registered vehicles.   This is a staggering 14.2% of the vehicles – up from 11% in 2002.   I realize our state is a huge draw to older snowbirds but many of these keep their midwestern plates/disability status.  Doesn’t make sense but regardless –  the real question to ask is where are all these people parking?   In regular spots, because very few parking lots have 14% of their spots reserved for people with disabilities (with the possible exception of the Sun City Recreation Center).  I notice this while taking my father-in-law (Parkinson’s) to various locations in town – there is no spots available!   I must park illegally in front of the door, drop him off to wait alone while I go find a non-disability spot. So the government keeps handing out a permit that does not mean what it says – there is no room in the city for the disabled!

Just reviewed ADA standards – requirement for number of disabled parking spaces varies on lot size but runs from 5% on small lots to 2% on larger ones – definitely no where near 14%.

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