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My 23lb Personal Computer

sx64In January of 1984, I became the first person in Denver to purchase the SX-64, the world’s first portable color computer.  I paid $995 and was the happiest kid in the town!  Friend Roger Good and I used to get together and program – He had the Atari computer.


Weight: 23 pounds
Price: US $995.
CPU: MOS 6510, 1MHz
Audio: 3 channels
RAM: 64K
Display: built-in 5″ color screen
40 X 25 text
320 X 200, 16 colors max
Storage: internal 170K floppy drive
external floppy drive
Ports: S-video, composite video
2 joysticks, cartridge port
serial and ‘user’ ports
OS: Commodore BASIC in ROM

It is now safely held by the Computer History Museum in Mountainside California where I donated it.  My perception is that many young people do not realize how fast we have come in technology in just a few years.


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