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Yes, you can build a House in three days!

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There are a number of non-profits that help third world countries by building houses for people in need. With full disclosure, I am affiliated with one: 1Mission. We call the three day trip, ‘Vacation with a Purpose’ and every house I have built has truly been a vacation that I will not forget. Getting away from the daily career grind and working with your hands really takes you away for a few days – and culminates with an amazing experience; a grateful family taking the keys to a new house that was beyond their dreams just a few months ago. If you can participate in this without shedding a few tears, you need a checkup. While the house would qualify as a garden shed in the US/Canada, it is a very substantial house for many in the world.

Building a 11′ by 22′ foot house:

Day One, We pour the floor and build all of the walls
Day Two, We put the walls on the dry floor, build the roof sections, install plywood siding/roofing, install asphalt roofing, and finally put the first coat of stucco on
Day Three, Put the second coat of stucco on, install two windows and one door – and finally hand the keys to a grateful family.

If you are tired of the normal vacations, pack your hammer and join us in Puerto Penasco, Mexico and help a team build a house for a family – it is a travel experience that you will always remember and a family in Mexico will never forget your gift.

The picture above is (left to right) my Father (who was 84 and building a house!), My Wife Mary and myself.

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