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What will Kill you?

CDC has published a 14MB pdf report, Health, United States, 2008 with lots of interesting data – I was studying it for proof that the US Healthcare system is as broke as our Congress would have us believe.

Interesting on what the primary killers are by age:
Age 0-1          Congenital Malformations
1-44               Injuries from Accidents
45-64             Cancer
65 and up       Heart

Overall as an average, the Heart is the biggest killer out there.

this poor cowboy was certainly going to die of a bad heart…..

I’m lyin‘ on the barren ground that’s baked and cracked with drought,
And dunno if my legs or back or heart is most wore out;I’ve got no spirits left to rise and smooth me achin‘ brow –I’m too knocked up to light a fire and bile the billy now.
Oh it’s trampin‘, trampin‘, tra-a-mpin‘, in flies an’ dust an’ heat,
Or it’s trampintrampintra-a-a-mpin’through mud and slush ‘n sleet;It’s tramp an’ tramp for tucker — one everlastin‘ strife,
An’ wearin‘ out yer boots an’ heart in the wastin‘ of yer life.
For it’s trampin‘, trampin‘, tra-a-mpinthro‘ hell across the plain,
And it’s trampintrampintra-a-mpinthro‘ slush ‘n mud ‘n rain —
A livin‘ worse than any dog — without a home ‘n wife,
A-wearin‘ out yer heart ‘n soul in the wastin‘ of yer life.
Knocked Up, Henry Lawson

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