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Violence in Mexico – where?

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The media is doing a bang-up job telling us how dangerous Mexico is by publishing awful stories of the seemingly daily violence.  I am intrigued by it because I take frequent trips to Mexico (Sonoyta and Puerto Penasco) and do not experience it – what gives?  Most of the issues with the data is that it represents single data points with no comparison to what we are familiar with.
The stories often mention Mexican violence (which States?, Mexico is a large country), when most of it occurs in Chihuahua and Sinaloa – only two states out of 32.  So, is US violence high or is it just New York and Illinois?
Also, in usual fashion (because journalists never take math classes), we seldom see relative numbers.  Some analysts have said that violence in Chihuahua (highest level of violence in Mexico) is twice what Chicago is – bad but not as crazy as what the stories have portrayed….and, where are the stories on Chicago (or New Orleans) murder rate?
WSJ has a great interactive graphic that depicts the relative violence in Mexico by state (by drug family).  Note that this is drug violence only – this is what most of the media is reporting on.
Mexico has issues with drug violence and they are serious – but examine the facts to know where and relative safety by location within this beautiful country.

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