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The Federal Gov’t Takeover of the West

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While many are concerned about the federal takeover of the banks, health care, auto industry, college loans, and mortgage loans, you might want to add dirt….land to that list.  The federal government owns over 26% of all of the land in America or 1 million square miles.   That probably does not affect you much if you don’t live in the west where the federal government really likes to acquire land; no state in the west is under 30% owned.  Nevada is 84% owned and California is 45% owned!  Why aren’t they purchasing land in NY where they only own less than 1%?  Is it bad land?  1.3$ Trillion in debt and yet we keep acquiring land that the government is woefully inadequate in managing.  And….They usually do the worst possible thing after acquiring the land; they immediately block all access and use of it.  Time to get out of the land business and even sell some of it to worthy groups who will make it productive.  Watch for more of the land grab, each president and congress loves to leave as its legacy a huge land ‘set aside’ – what exactly is it being set aside for?  Is Detroit for sale yet?

Remember, that many states acquire as much land as the federal government (someone once told me that Arizona has only 10% of its land privately held).  If you want to really see a complete picture, look at the Arizona map below; the white area represents the only part that is private ownership!

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