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History of the World before Man, Six Pages of Riviting Reading

Steven Hawking has co-wrote another book repeating his tired dogma that there is/was no God.  WSJ has a quick article on it  – written by Hawking.  Not sure who he is still trying to convince since we all know the science is irrefutable?  His great contribution is the following, “the laws of gravity and quantum theory allow universes to appear spontaneously from nothing.”  I have often observed that for all of the science’ we have been given on the evolution of Man, the History of the World before Man is extremely lacking.  Give me a tome that spends chapters discussing the Big Bang, the primordial soup, the DNA and where it came from and who programmed it and include numerous pictures of all of the fossils of the evolutionary rejects.  Belloc’s review of Wells’ epic ‘Outline of History’ noted that it was a powerful and well-written volume, “up until the appearance of Man, that is, somewhere around page seven.”
A universe appeared from nothing and we have six pages?

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