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WIKIpedia meets the Scientists

Wikipedia has addressed an issue around its Global Warming Articles by removing an editor that had a decidedly biased view in favor of climate change.  While Wikipedia is the seventh most popular website in use, you must be careful in using it for reference (note; most colleges will not allow Wiki references).  I am particularly careful when an issue is one that still has people on extreme sides arguing the merits of their views – obviously climate change is one.  The good news is that Wiki has acted (after many people complaining); the bad news is that this took two years – not the model of speedy changes/updates that everyone touts as an example of why Wiki is better than the Encyclopedia Britannica.  Also, remember that Wiki levels the playing field with true experts and dummies gaining the same editing rights – again, the community should clean this up over time unless there is a group with a biased view and a religious ferver – read, Global Warming Believers….

Meanwhile, I will continue using Wiki for quick checks in non-controversial areas and do further study in the other areas.  This is a Readers Digest for people who can’t read!!

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