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The State of White America

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…………….yes I watch C-Span and you are missing some interesting in-depth dialogue if you don’t.  Network news (yes, including Fox) is a constant stream of how the other party/group/etc is a ba*tard and to be feared.  Open dialogue is sorely missing in American Politics these days.

American Enterprise Institute sponsored a speech by Charles Murray on ‘the State of White America’ where you can watch here.  I think it was a brilliant move to remove the minorities – it eliminated much of the claims of discrimination that his highly controversial book, the Bell Curve received.
He really does a good job of describing how the white classes are (or not) changing:the following list was stolen from Steve Sailers Blog:
To avoid apples to oranges comparisons, Murray is focusing his analysis of increasing class divides on non-Hispanic whites ages 30-49, contrasting the upper 20% (the upper middle class) to the bottom 30% (the working class)….

– For example, the being-married rate among upper middle class whites has fallen only trivially from 88% in 1960 to 83% in 2010. Among the bottom 30%, however, the being-married rate has dropped from 83% to 48%.
– Among the bottom 30% of whites, the illegitimacy rate was 6% in 1960 and approaching 50% in 2010.
– Among white men in their 30s and 40s, in 1960 1.5% of the top 20% were out of the workforce (i.e., working or looking for work) and 2% now. For white men in the bottom 30%, looking at the economic peaks in 1968 and 2008, the non-working rate went from 5% to 12%. The out-of-the-labor rate is even worse now during the recession, of course.
– Among working class men with jobs, the percent working less than 40 hours per week went from 13% to 21%.
– Crime victimizes the bottom ranks of society. One of the dirty little secrets of the last 50 years is that upper middle class suburbs weren’t dangerous in 1960 and they aren’t dangerous now.
– A substantial majority of the upper middle class retains effective religious involvement, while a substantial majority of the white working class does not. It’s another case of data not matching popular impressions. … Among those with a religion, fundamentalism is increasing. But, actual religious involvement in the working class is plummeting.

He points to the 1960’s as major inflection point in America and it’s effects are still being written today – makes me want to review Libertarian viewpoints as a potential place for my own beliefs.

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