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The Observant Traveller

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  • Why do Stewardesses get better seat belts than passengers?  Are they more important?  You may also believe that cop killers should get a harsher judgement because officers of the law are higher value?
  • Why do wheelchairs keep getting bigger and bigger…..?
  • When arriving late at night, why do airplanes park at the end of the terminal when all of the closer ones are empty?
  • Why is WIFI OK now when it used to be so dangerous?  Was it a big technology advance or the new $ charge?
  • Lee’s Unwritten Flying rule #1:  He who sits in the middle seat owns both armrests.
  • Southwest Airlines; where every passenger is equal unless of course you pay extra for Business select and get to board first.
  • Do you really trust those in the exit row to assist you in getting off the plane in an emergency?  The two minute training should adequately prepare them, right?
  • I don’t carry on luggage, laptop bag only.  Why don’t I get rewarded?
  • Lee’s Unwritten Flying rule #2:  If you can’t stow your own luggage overhead, check it.
  • Why do people in wheelchairs have a suitcase on their lap as they are helped through the concourse?  If anyone should check luggage….
  • Where did de-plane come from? – we don’t de-car,,,,de-boat…..
  • FAA just pulled all oxygen masks out of plane toilets…always wanted to die with my pants around my ankles, btw, what was the security risk?
  • Not allowed to line up in front of the loo anymore on planes…how do you queue now?  A new ‘NEXT’ button next to the attendant button?
  • Why do seatmates tell everything to a perfect stranger?  What about an airplane cabin forces this unusual behaviour?
  • Ever think that all US security changes have been reactive?  I always argue when someone in the security line tells me that they don’t like it but it is necessary and worth it.  All of the current procedures started AFTER the breach…. like the shoe bomb.  What happens if someone stows something up their rectum?
  • Stay Observant……it passes the time

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